No more VAT (EU) on your digital products (Amazon, online courses, or movies download)

From 1 January 2015 everyone who sells digital products to European customers has to charge VAT based on where their customers are based. That new legislation is used only for digital products, such as e-books (Amazon), online courses or download movies. Before, the VAT was charged at the rate where the seller was based. 
For example, it means that if you buy a e-book of Amazon living in Denmark, you will have to pay 22% of VAT. But if you are living in Algeria, you will pay the same product without VAT.
It looks unfair ? Maybe. But it can be a good business for you. Before you could not escape to the payment of the VAT on your digital product. NOW YOU CAN !!!
To control the buyer’s adress, the seller will look your IP adress (the IP adress of your Internet provider) and the adress that you will give him. IF YOU CHANGE YOUR LEGAL ADRESS FOR AN ADRESS IN A COUNTRY WITHOUT VAT, YOU WILL NOT PAY ANYMORE THAT VAT. Easy, no ? Not so easy but we will explain you the pay to do it.
FIRST STEP : Take an adress (and maybe a fake name in a country without VAT (outside of Europe). That website will help you to find that : HERE
SECOND STEP : You have to change your IP adress for the country of your fake adress. To do that, you have to be registered to a VPN who allowed you to choice the country of the IP. The best VPN to change the country of your VPN is Hidemyass : HERE
THIRD STEP : When you want to buy some products without VAT, connect on the seller website using the VPN selecting a country without VAT, open a buyer account using an adress and a fake name (see first step) and proceed to your shopping.
Good luck!

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